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#27 Brad Wendler

Mountain Lakes NJ

1947 Harley-Davidson FL

59 years old. Will turn 60 during The Chase, may age to 75 by the end.
Riding 40 years, collecting old bikes for 38 years.
Professional dismantler, amateur restorer.  Thankfully I live around the corner from Rob and Ryan at Retro Cycle.
Have lots of old bikes, have done lots of long rides, but haven’t done a long ride on an old bike….yet.
First long ride: Utica, New York to Houma, Louisiana one week after I got my M/C license on a 1978 Yamaha 650. I guess that would be considered an antique now, the rider sure is.
Memorable moment: Before riding back from Louisiana on a ’77 Harley Lowrider (oilfield money was good) I had a new rear tire put on at a dealership.  On Rt 81 somewhere in Southern Virginia my rear axle fell out, someone might have forgotten a lockwasher.  As soon as I wrestled it to the shoulder an old dude in a 30’s pickup pulled up behind me, assessed the situation and told me he’d be right back with the tools and parts.  30 minutes later I was up and running again.  He wouldn’t take any money, just said do the same for the next guy. The strange thing is I hadn’t passed a 30’s pickup just before losing the axle, and when I checked my rearview mirror after pulling onto the highway the truck wasn’t there.