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Open Road Radio

Gina Woods hosts Open Road Radio Motorcycle Talk – Every Saturday @ 11am (central) featuring motorcycle industry experts, motorcycle entertainment, motorcycle education & upcoming motorcycle event information. A variety of motorcycle topics & live broadcast from motorcycle events.

Gina’s been around motorcycles all of her life…and it shows.  Nobody rides with the bad boys like Gina.  Nobody debates the issues with motorcycle industry executives like Gina.  Nobody seeks out the newest and the hottest bike gear like Gina.

As the leader of the Open Road Television team, you’ve gotta love her.  She can break down an engine and put it back together.  She can lead you on a ride through hell.  But she’s also got a heart of goodness to help those who need a hand.

Gina has an extra special interest in this years Cross Country Chase Secrets of the Ozarks, as she along with Motorcycle Safety Lawyers cheer on her son, rider #83 Jake Smallwood!!

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