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Michael Lichter

Official Photographer

In 1977, after a stint simultaneously playing drums, bussing tables in a restaurant and doing personal photography, Michael decided he was a better photographer than a drummer and hung up the sticks. He started riding his 1971 Harley Davidson shovel head (which he still owns) and photographing bikers. In 1979, Easyriders started to publish some of Michael‘s motorcycle photography. He photographed a number of smaller events and features specifically for them, proved his abilities and then was off on his third trip to Sturgis in 1981, now on assignment for Easyriders. He stopped publicly exhibiting his photographs in favor of publishing his motorcycle work in Easyriders. Motorcycle and commercial assignments have taken him all over the world,  He has published more than 1,000 articles on motorcycling and custom bikes. Over the last decade Michael has contributed work to many books on motorcycling including images specifically requested by Willie G Davidson for the 100th Anniversary book on Harley plus ten coffee table books with his name on the cover. On a more personal note, Michael married his wonderful wife Catherine in 1982. They have two children, a daughter Kiera and a son Sean.