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After an evening spent together on the beach of Key West for an elegant dinner, an awards ceremony, and a moody sunset on the sea, the first inaugural Cross Country Chase has come to an end. And now, weary riders have either started for home or started their vacation on the Florida islands, but all have started to realize what an incredible thing they have accomplished. After months of planning, plotting and preparing, the achievement of working their way across the country in all kinds of weather extremes has begun to sink in. To push oneself physically, mentally, and emotionally as an athlete is one thing, but to whip an 89-year old machine through the same extremes and expect it to still carry you across the finish line is quite another. But that is exactly what 69 determined souls set out to do a mere 11 days ago. And, amazingly, most were successful. By stepping outside themselves, these adventurists have managed to live a life less common and have set a high bar for what antique motorcycles can be expected to do. And for what a determined rider can accomplish.

As the first Chase comes to an end, the obvious question is, “What’s next?” Stay tuned race fans, because you know there’s always something up the Sims sleeves. And you can bet it’ll be incredible.