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“Chasing the Rockies”

Endurance • Speed • Navigation • Knowledge

Start:  Salt Lake City, UT
Finish: Salt Lake City, UT 

September 4th – 14th, 2024

At this time details are very limited, we are working on trying to get all of the logistics in place.  Make sure to watch website, Social Media Channels, and your Emails, for Event Information and Details.  At this time we are taking an interest list for the event and when we get more information and details on official registration we will let everyone on the interest list know first.  (To sign up for the interest list click on the “APPLY” on the top of the page). 

In September of 2024 the Cross Country Chase presented by Motorcycle Cannonball will once again make way for the next epic adventure of Man vs. Machine!  A Cross Country Challenge for riders with motorcycles that were manufactured between 1930-1964, The Chase will be a test of Endurance, Speed, Navigation, and Knowledge.


Riders and Machines will compete an average of 250 miles per day over a 9-day period. Riders and Machines could endure fatigue, mental exhaustion, cold, heat, elevations, and all the ferocious elements of Mother Nature. Riders will navigate the course of The Cross Country Chase on their own, no support crews of any kind will be allowed during the event. Riders will have to think about what they need to pack to make it the duration; tools, parts, and luggage must be packed on your motorcycle. It is just you, your motorcycle, and some of the best 2-lane roads of North America.


Riders will have to successfully navigate the 9-day, 2400+ mile route without going off course or getting lost. The Cross Country Chase will provide riders with a Navigation Map each morning that will give turn-by-turn instructions based on mileage.


Riders and Machines will compete an average of 250 miles per day over a 9-day period. Riders and Machines could endure fatigue, mental exhaustion, cold, heat, elevations, and all the ferocious elements of Mother Riders and Machines will be challenged to complete stages in a timed fashion, which will require maintaining certain speeds, strategically planned stops, and managing time throughout the day to check in to the final daily checkpoint at the required time.


Riders will be given a 100-question test that will cover aspects of the route and American Motorcycling history which will count towards each rider’s final score.

This event will be open to the first 100 people that successfully complete all of the required entry requirements for this event.


Entry Requirements:

  1. Have Qualifying Motorcycle 1930 thru 1964
  2. Paid Entry Fee
  3. Completed Entry Form
  4. Pictures of Motorcycle
  5. Rider Profile Pictures
  6. Rider Video


  1. A Motorcycle manufactured between 1930-1964
    1. Note: Custom bikes such as bobbers and choppers are allowed and encouraged, if they meet the rest of the qualifying criteria.
  2. Motorcycle will be handicapped on the following:
    1. Age: The older the motorcycle, the higher it will be handicapped
    2. Engine Displacement: Motorcycles with smaller displacement engines will be handicapped higher than motorcycles with higher displacement
    3. To see handicap worksheet, click this link
  3. Must have Original Manufactured Engine Cases (No Aftermarket modern cases allowed)
  4. Must Have Original Manufactured Transmission Cases (No Late model Transmissions)
    1. Note:  Electric Starters and Four Speeds will be allowed but will be assessed a handicap penalty
  5. Period Correct Carburetors (No Late Model Mikunies, S&S, etc)
    1. Note: later model Carburetors will be allowed but will be assessed a handicap Penalty
  1. Age: 18 and older

Jason Sims

Director of Operations

Motorcycles have been part of my life since the early age of 5 when my grandfather put me on my first minibike a Honda 70’s XL70.  To this day it is truly one of the only memories that is etched in my mind as a youngster.  This love affair never surrendered and only got more out...Read More

LeeAnn Sims

Administrative & Travel Coordinator

LeeAnn handles the everyday administration and management of the Motorcycle Cannonball and the Cross Country Chase.  With Jason taking over the Cannonball daily operations in 2016, she recognized a serious need for the lodging and travel portion of the event, and launched a travel business extension, appropriately named “Cannonball Travel,” strictly to meet this important need,...Read More

Vicki Sanfelipo

RN, Health and Wellness Coordinator

Vicki is a Registered Nurse and EMT who cheerfully escorts Cannonball riders across the country, providing medical attention as needs arise. She is the author of “A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist” and established the non-profit organization Accident Scene Management (ASM) in 1996 in order to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists through First Response training....Read More

Morgan Williams

Sweep Operations

Morgan Williams is driving a sweep truck this year in The Cross Country Chase and The Motorcycle Cannonball. He wasn’t born into a motorcycle family, but has been in love with them all his life. He has been riding for over 50 years starting out with  mini-bikes and then he bought a Panhead Chopper in the...Read More

Marjorie Kleiman


Marjorie Kleiman, a.k.a. Shadow, is a veteran moto-journalist, having worked with a number of major motorcycle magazines such as Thunder Press where she was Editor-in-Chief, American Iron Magazine where she served as a columnist, industry publication American Iron Retailer, where she was the inaugural editor, and Cycle Source Magazine where she contributes articles and photographs. She...Read More

Joe Sparrow

Motorcycle Sweep

Known as the Wandering Sparrow, you can often find Joe traveling, working various rallys for J&P Cycle, or riding motorcycle sweep on the Motorcycle Cannonball and Cross Country Chase.  Joe has helped many riders fix their bikes to get back on the road and avoid having to load on the sweep trailer.  Joe is known for...Read More

Ryan Allen

Motorcycle Sweep

I’m Ryan L. Allen and motocycles have been part of my innerworkings since my late father Tommy R. Allen had me interested in old Indian motorcycles. As a youth he asked me; “Son what do you want to do with these old machines?” Pontifically saying something like: I would ride them across the country competing in some...Read More