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Sponsorship Opportunities

We invite and welcome all enthusiasts, vendors, and sponsors to participate in this family friendly historical antique motorcycle event

What makes us different from other events?

  • Being a Cross Country Endurance Event does not mean that we are restricted to one city and one venue.  Most times we are working with and partnering with over 20+ cities across the nation.
    • This equates to uncountable impressions that reach into the 100’s of thousands if not millions
  • We strive to preserve history; you might not have the chance to see some of these motorcycles in a museum.  We are bringing them to you in their full mechanical glory, at our hosted stops where enthusiasts get to interact with riders, ask questions, take pictures, and experience the sweet smell of oil and gasoline.
  • For people that cannot make the event we have invested heavily into digital media. We offer some of the best digital access across all different Social Media platforms.  We bring you content that makes you feel as if you are at the event.
    • Multiple Live videos per day of the starting line, finish line, and hosted stops broadcasted on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
      • We also have the technology to live stream this content on Partner Social Media outlets
    • Multiple Photos drops per day on Social Media
    • Live Produced Video Daily Re-Caps which is a great quick way to get a lowdown of each days happenings
    • Daily Website Updates that include pictures and daily scores
  • Year-Round Content. We pride ourselves on not just bringing content during the event, or just before the start of the event.  Year-round we continually post updates about upcoming events, meet the riders, and share pictures and videos from past events.

Our event is possible because of our supporters, enthusiasts, and sponsors.  The reaction that we get from seeing the way the public gets excited and is in awe of the event, the way kids dream, and seeing the epic journey that the riders experience is priceless.  Sharing this with the public has a cost.  That’s why we need help from you.   What can you do to help?  Well…. keep following what we are doing and help with a monetary donation for as low as $25.00.   All the money that we collect goes straight back into the event to make it the success it has become today.  All goes towards staff and volunteer’s cross country expenses, gas, hotels, and bringing you some of the best content on our social media platforms.

We pride ourselves on making each one of our partners feel like they are part of the family, not only do we try to make like you are part of the event, but we also want to make sure that your investment into the event yields a return on your investment.

Want to be a supporter of the Cross Country Chase?  We have many sponsorship or supporter packages available.  Click below for more details or contact Jason Sims directly:


Jason Sims



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