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Any time an event goes well, you can be sure it’s because the framework was set on a solid foundation. For the Chase, the ride’s infrastructure was built by an experienced and professional team of personalities brought together by route master, John Classen. John’s decades of experience with route planning made for miles of great riding along back roads that wound through historic bergs set against breathtaking landscapes. Around every turn was another scenic and interesting vista found along a secondary road through Americana, which is no small accomplishment. John spent all of the prior months laying out the route, scouting, driving and then driving the proposed course again to assure safety, entertainment and fun for the Chase riders. Once all the details were in place, then came arrangements for his team.

The team of officials are hardworking statisticians who serve to keep the Chase honest and fair by accurately recording scores and enforcing the rules. But that’s not all they do. Each day, well before riders were even awake, officials were on the road ¬†ahead of the motorcyclists to be sure road conditions were still safe. In the case of any road hazards or route changes, the team set out warning signs or direction arrows to alert riders to the course particulars. The team handed out route sheets at breakfast while noting facts as to the number of riders on the course each day, who was broke down or who was out of the race altogether. As the group was sent out with the green flag, other officials were off to make arrangements for the evening check in another 200-300 miles down the road, often in another state. By the time riders crossed the daily finish line, the same team that flagged them out in the morning was there to flag them in that night. Daily scores were logged, then tallied and posted for distribution to media outlets around the world, then printed up for riders to see before they retire for the night. This dance was repeated every day of the entire ride. This unsung team of dedicated heroes from the Cross Country Chase certainly deserves gratitude and congratulations on a job well done. Thank you John, Kay, John, Louise, Jim, Fred and Jeff…Great Job!