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The Cross Country Chase is an equal opportunity adventure, which means any brand motorcycle was welcome to throw in for the experience of a lifetime this past September. Size didn’t matter, make wasn’t an issue and neither was a machine’s origin. The only requirement set forth was the motorcycle’s age. Just like in this photo, you were apt to find a Brit build next to a German manufacturer along side an American made motorcycle and they were all respected equally during the collective struggle to make the miles. Whether an Indian, Zündapp, BSA or a Norton pulled in to our hosting Harley-Davidson dealerships made absolutely no difference, they were each celebrated for their accomplishments and the public embraced them all. Old is old and this unique moving museum was welcome, regardless of the marque. The riders were just as diversified as the machines and they all came together to represent the best that antique motorcycling has to offer. American motorcycling has never been more noble.