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Jerami Johnson is that crazy videographer dude who rode along for all 2,368-miles of the Cross Country Chase. The California surfer kid who studied in Long Beach, was a drummer in a band and now lives in Japan, makes regular trips back to the states to tag along and document antique touring and other motorcycle adventures. And he has a blast doing it. Of course, if you know Jerami at all, you’re well aware that he makes a point of having a good time wherever he is and so does everyone around him since his vibrant energy is infectious! Cheeky and fun, his unorthodox methods of getting the footage he wants is its own form of entertainment for those he sets out to catch on film. As Chase riders navigated the back roads, Jerami focused the lens of his Canon while simultaneously twisting the throttle on his own modern Indian right next to them.

Riders were apt to see the overall-clad, sneaker-and-striped-socked rider come idling up next to them to share a lane and shoot the experience or they might see him hanging out on a hillside or laying in wait along the road. By whatever means necessary, Jerami got some great footage and now you can view it on the sponsored Motorcycle Cannonball YouTube Channel! Just click the link and subscribe to watch Chase stuff, old Cannonball stuff and even new stuff! You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find since film goes all the way back to the very first Cannonball, all the runs in between, as well as the great clips Jerami captured this past September. And there will be new material posted at regular intervals so SUBSCRIBE! It’s free and it’s FuN!