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Seven months ago, 68 riders set off on the first day of a 10-day odyssey that would prove to be an unprecedented adventure in antique motorcycling. Strapped to their machines were all the necessities for their individual journeys, including clothing, tools and anticipated parts to keep the 89+-year-old motorcycles roadworthy.


It was a dark and dreary start for the Chase, but by the time the first antique bikes started crossing southbound on the wet and foggy Mackinac Bridge, a group of 1,500 antique tractors had already begun their trek north as the annual tractor parade just happened to coincide with the Cross Country Chase. The serendipitous meeting seemed quite appropriate as the old machines passed each other midway along the historic span and the pilots waved their respect as they mutually worked their way through the nasty weather.


Drizzle kept riders occupied throughout the day, but the rain stopped long enough for the group to enjoy a nice lunch hosted by Hagerty Insurance in Traverse City, Michigan, which was followed closely by a short stop to take the first daily quiz. Brainy bikers stood with clipboards and quickly answered 10 multiple-choice questions before hopping on their bikes and booking on to the final stop in Ludington. From there they prepared to board the Badger Ferry. All this was just Stage 1.

As we work our way through the current worldwide pandemic, we relish our memories of good times passed and remind ourselves that there are more of these great experiences ahead of us! This fall, registration for the Chase will open and we’ll prepare once again for another opportunity to share road time with old friends, make new friends, and embark as a family on another adventure of a life time! It will be here quicker than you think! See you all soon, Chasers!