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Stage 2 will be an exciting day for riders as they catch a ferry and end the day with a party at the famous Harley-Davidson Museum, but between all that, there’s a hosted lunch stop at the warm and welcoming Harbor Town Harley-Davidson dealership in the quaint town of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Located along Lake Michigan where the mouth of Manitowoc River meets the Great Lake, the city of Manitowoc is also known as the home of the Sputnik IV crash site. Back in the 60’s the world was glued to their black and white televisions as the Russian government sent an unmanned satellite into space. Upon reentry to the earth’s atmosphere, pieces fell off and a blob of metal came to rest in a busy street in downtown Manitowoc on September 6, 1962, becoming an interesting bit of history exactly 57 years and one day before the Cross Country Chase will visit the town.

Since no one knows the exact route, we can’t be sure that riders for the Chase will get to see the plaque commemorating the event, but we can be certain that those who come out to the Harbor Town H-D dealership will be treated to another historic event as antique riders visit the Harley dealership on Saturday, September 7, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The Cross Country Chase will be hosted to lunch and a social with the friendly folks of Manitowoc, so be sure to head on down to the Harley shop at 2433 Hecker Road to check out assemblage of 1930-1948 motorcycles and their jockeys.