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Husband and wife team #19, Jake and Ginger Martin, tackled the Chase with all the love and enthusiasm you could possibly cram into a Harley sidecar. Known as the folks who spent their time enjoying not just the miles, but each other’s company, the Maine residents were often giggling as they met lots of new friends while making their way across the states.
Their trusty 1941 Knucklehead did its best and gave its all, delivering the couple to the finish line with perfect scores until two days before the finish, Friday the 13th, and then disaster hit. With a hole the size of a quarter burned through the Harley’s piston, the couple sadly said their goodbyes to their new-found friends and left the race on Saturday morning. But, fate had a different plan. Folks stepped up with parts, hope was ignited, and Jake spent the night rebuilding the trusty Knuck. Come Sunday morning, the beaming couple rode alongside the rest of the Chase riders as they were waved in by the checkered flag!
After the awards ceremony, as the night came to a close, we caught up with the Martins and asked if we could get a nice photo of the couple. Immediately Jake bent down to give his beautiful bride and hard working teammate a tender kiss. We couldn’t imagine a better ending to a very passionate and hard fought adventure of a lifetime.

The Martins are currently on the waiting list to join the 2020 Motorcycle Cannonball, so check that website often to see if they make it!