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The Cross Country is the newest in antique touring experiences, but that isn’t the only thing special about the run. There are two very distinct elements that set this tour apart from other touring adventures, one of which pertains to the unique and dedicated staff. Some of the volunteer staffers have logged thousands of miles alongside antique motorcycles as they offered assistance during the Motorcycle Cannonball tours. That kind of experience is of immeasurable value and the Chase is proud of their handpicked staff.


The CCC wanted to insure that their riders were afforded the very best in care and safety as they motored across America, so organizers enlisted the help of Accident Scene Management’s founder, Vicki Sanfelipo.

Vicki is a registered nurse, a retired EMT and the author of, A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist. Back in 1996, in order to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists through first response training, she established the non-profit organization called Accident Scene Management (ASM). That organization has now grown into the leading motorcycle trauma training organization in the world, having trained over 35,000 students in the United States alone, though her classes are taught worldwide. She rode her own motorcycle alongside Chase riders and offered all manner of medical and emergency assistance. From aspirin to bandaging, Vicki is the go-to girl for medical needs.                                              

With an eye towards safety, Cross Country Chase management required that staff members and volunteers complete the ASM motorcycle trauma training class. Staff took the online course, then Vicki held a hands-on class before the start of the run in Sault Ste. Marie, ensuring that every member had the emergency training necessary to tend to a rider in case of an emergency. The class covered every motorcycle crash-scene possibility, including helmet removal. From scorekeepers and registrars to sweep and course riders, every staffer stepped up to take this vital training course. Even Jason and LeeAnn Sims took the course. This is the first motorcycle-touring event to have ever gone to these lengths to ensure the safety of their staff and riders. Additionally, first-aid kits were distributed to key staffers to be carried along the route, providing a complete and comprehensive tool for any medical situation. No other antique motorcycling group has ever been more prepared to handle a medical emergency than those who traveled with the inaugural Cross Country Chase, there by setting precedence for all other touring events.

SO, are you curious about what other elements set the Chase apart from other tours? Stay tuned….