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Not everything is about man and ¬†machine during the Chase. There’s a lot of sightseeing to be done as riders chug along the lesser-known roadways of America. From the incredible Mackinac Bridge to the swamps of the South, there was plenty to keep the riders entertained in between tending to their motorcycles. And not all of it was grandeur.

Somewhere along Florida’s backroads, tucked in between the panther and alligator highway signs, sits the country’s smallest United States Post Office. Repurposed from it’s prior life as a storage shed for a nearby tomato farm, the building was elevated to its current glory as a post office in 1953. Located in Ochopee, the little 61.3 square foot building still serves as a functioning facility and you can mail out letters to be post marked from the 34141 zip code. Not all riders were even aware of the diminutive dwelling, but some stopped by to snap a photo and send a post. There’s a lot to be discovered while touring America, and some of takes a keen eye to find.