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If you’re anything like us, you’ve been going through a bit of Chase withdrawal these past few months. It’s been a long winter after all, and almost 6 months since we headed south out of Sault St. Marie into the adventure of a lifetime. Personally, we miss the excitement of the day-by-day journey. But look what’s going on NOW! A sponsor, the online biker magazine, Scooter Scribes. News, has a new column based on the riders of the Cross Country Chase!

The Chaser Chronicles will spotlight a different rider in each column and will include photos from along the road as our road warriors battled their way along the challenging CCC route last September. We guarantee you’ll learn something interesting and personal about the contenders. Editors started off by featuring the winner of the Chase, Todd Cameron, and before the start of the September 2021 run, you’ll have met every rider up close as Scooter Scribes spotlights all of the brave 69 jockeys who wrangled their antiques across the country. So, tune in often to see who’s next at

You can post your comments at the end of the articles and be sure to share like crazy since the rest of the world is going to be just as interested as you are in the backstory of the intriguing individuals who signed up for a grueling trip through 8 states in 10 days on antique motorcycles!