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Including your children in the family business, especially when your business involves motorcycling, is a great way to teach business skills and ensure the future of the sport of antique riding. And that’s exactly what Jason and LeeAnn Sims are doing.

For the first iteration of the Cross Country Chase, young Jace Sims signed on and quickly became ensconced in the drama of urging antiques across the country, which is not an easy endeavor. From the very beginning, however, riders recognized the helpful young man as someone to be counted on, just as both his parents are.  By the time the clan crossed the last bridge onto the Key West island, the entire entourage of riders and staff had become a family on the grandest scale.

With a scant 14 days since the inaugural run came to rest at the southernmost point of the United States, the Sims family has been busily making plans for the next antique adventure; the 2020 Motorcycle Cannonball. But don’t think for a minute they’re done with the Cross Country Chase. Will there be another? If so, when will signup start, what vintage will be included, what route, and gee, how do you top the magic of the 2019 CCC? All good questions. Only the Sims family knows for sure, and Jace ain’t talking! Check back often, answers and details will be announced here first.