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The Cross Country Chase will be well tended this September by a top-notch staff of motorcyclists. Included in the ranks of well-seasoned riders who will be along for the entire route from Michigan to Florida will be Accident Scene Management’s founder, Vicki Sanfelipo.  With safety being first in terms of priority, it makes perfect sense to have this dynamic woman along for the run. Accident Scene Management is the largest motorcycle trauma training organization in the world, training both bystanders and professional rescuers on what to do in case of an emergency.


Vicki is a registered nurse, a retired EMT and the author of, A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist. Back in 1996, in order to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists through first response training, she established the non-profit organization called Accident Scene Management (ASM). That organization has now grown into the leading motorcycle trauma training organization in the world, having trained over 35,000 students in the United States alone, though her classes are taught worldwide. A sister company, Road Guardians, is a program that was launched to support Accident Scene Management training through memberships, events, and communications on all aspects of motorcycle safety, including First Response.


Riding her own motorcycle for over 30 years, Vicki has completed the MSF’s Experienced Rider Course. She is a life member of ABATE of Wisconsin, H.O.G. and Road Guardians. Other memberships include BOLT, Patriot Guard, The Iron Butt Association, the American Motorcyclist Association, Diamond Posse, State Motorcycle Safety Administrators and Wisconsin EMS Association.  For 2019, she has also signed on as medical support for the Cross Country Chase. For more information on Accident Scene Management, to find out how to take classes or to make donations to this very important nonprofit organization, go to