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#1 Todd Cameron

Monrovia, CA

1930 Velocette KSS

Hello, my name is Todd Cameron and I will be riding a 1930 Velocette KSS sporting the #1 plate after winning the title of “Legend” in the inaugural Cross Country Chase in 2019 aboard my trusty #99 500cc BSA Sloper

I am looking forward to the challenge of riding in the Chase again. I am excited and love the fact that it is a solo venture of man and machine against the miles without any crew support. It takes a ton of mechanical prowess to successfully complete all the miles on these finicky relics. I caught the antique motorcycle bug competing in the 2018 MCCB on my Grandfathers 1917 Harley JD with minimal crew support. 

A little about me, being born into a family of motorcycle racing and collector enthusiasts, I am driven and honored to keep the family history alive by competing in the Chase and Cannonball.  I am a retired Mechanical Engineer/fabricator/ tinkerer, I worked for NASA a few years. I build, fabricate, restore, and prepare my motorcycles with my own two hands and will race almost anything that has wheels all out of my home race shop in Monrovia California.  Bicycles, motorcycles, Motocross bikes, 120 mph shifter karts, road race cars, off road cars, antique trucks, antique motorcycles, 24 hours of lemons cars, I dabbled in NASCAR for a few years, and even screw around with modern hot rodded electric cars I label as hybrids because they burn electricity and rubber. 

It’s always exciting racing my modern Yamaha R1 then flashing back to the handful of carry the momentum, no power and sketchy if any brakes on the early bikes.
My Grandfather, JD John Cameron, was a rugged hero known for his lifelong passion of back in the day Classic American Motorcycling. He purchased, restored and raced his reputable collection. Grandpa one of the founding fathers of the Boozefighters finished a similar challenge in the 1984 Great American Race on a 1926 Harley two-cam JDH with Flexi side car. It is an honor to actually ride and show these historic classic motorcycles across America with this rolling Cannonball museum, instead of them siting static as garage queens.