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#101 Terry Richardson

Pratt, KS

1946 Harley-Davidson FL

My name is Terry Richardson, Im still above ground and looking forward to another Cannonball/Cross Country Chase event!!  I live in Pratt, Kansas and I am in the oil and gas servicing business. I own a restoration  shop in Pratt also. It is run by Chris Coss, and Big Larry Mitchell. They are also my crew on the Cannonball. I would be a spectator without those two!!!  Im a member of the Sunflower Chapter of the AMCA and we are well represented as a club with several of us Kansas Crew riding in various events. Its good to be back with all the Chase guys and I look forward to a great route. I enjoyed the one in 2019 a lot!!! Bruce Redpath and I had a lot of fun seeing who cold outsmart the other on the run. ( he put the sign on my machine on the last day, unbeknownst to me……..All in great fun!) I should post a pix of the front of the bike, beings he only saw the rear of it!!  Thanks to all the Volunteers and the Sims crew for getting this put together, I look forward to making excuses for my performance, and making fun of the ones that fail. This is truly about the riders, the bikes are a means, but the fellowship and the BS are why I’m in the Chase…. See y’all soon!!!   TR #101