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#101 Terry Richardson

Pratt, KS

1930 Harley Davidson VL

The Chase is upon us again, after riding in the inaugural Chase from N to S and last years Covid Shortened Mini Chase, I’m going to give it a go again. Ive ridden a few Cannonballs and the previous Chases and I found that I enjoy the Chase a lot. I get to ride with some Cannonballers, and some new faces as well on the Chase. A different format, plus those damned tests.

   Im preparing a 1930 VL for the ride. Im kind of fond of the VL’s and I rode one on my first Cannonball in 14. This years run sounds like it will be an awesome course and a bit different program with some added hosted stops and such. While the Chase is fun for the riders, it also keeps these old wobblers on the road and in front of the public. It seems more important than ever, with respect to the times we live in, to keep these machines running and to be able to describe and share what its like to herd these things down the road with motorcycling enthusiasts of all ages.

    I want to thank LeAnn and Jason for putting up with me, in advance, and I thank the Volunteers and CB crews for their efforts and in keeping us safe and organized. 

    I look forward to seeing everyone on Route 66……….TR 101