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#15 Cecil “Big C” Frost

Montevallo, AL

1947 Harley-Davidson ServiCar G

Pop introduced me to motorcycles when I was about 8 years old. He always said he could never afford one when he was a kid so he made up for it with me. As I grew up Pop would always move me up to the next size bike, much to my Mother’s dismay. There were many crashes, reports from neighbors and groundings from riding growing up. But Pop always kept my interest in machines going. Working on bikes, Volkswagens and other vehicles was a weekend ritual. The Servicar that I am riding in The Chase was a basket case that I purchased in the fall of 2019. This bike went together really well with the help of extra time on my hands due to pandemic. I spent the majority of time on the engine, transmission and chassis. My AMCA Smoky Mountain chapter members always answered the phone to give technical advice or just help work through any problems. I would not be at this point without the help of my AMCA friends. I know the Servicar may not be the ideal vehicle for this type of event, but POP always said I was the type to bring a knife to a gun fight, so let’s see what happens.