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#16 Tony Pan Sanfelipo

Mukwonago, WI

1948 Harley-Davidson EL

Pan started riding in 1964. His first bike was a 1950 FLH tank-shift police bike. Just out of high school, he started hanging out with bike club members on Milwaukee’s lakefront who taught him how to work on the three-brush generator, adjust the mouse trap, and other mechanical mishaps he might encounter. After three years, he caught the “chopper” craze and bought a 1951 Pan chopper.

Pan didn’t have the skills or machines to do major engine work and didn’t fit into the category of a gear head. But he loved riding, going for weekend rides across Wisconsin and to neighboring states. He rode his Pans into the 1970s and bought a 1974 Shovelhead in 1976. After acquiring some 80 inch jugs, he upgraded his bike with the new top end and installed an SU carburetor he bought at a junk yard. He did all of his work on his bikes either in his kitchen or garage.

Over the years, Pan only owned seven motorcycles, his first new bike being a 1993 FLSTF, which is still in the family and currently ridden by his wife, Vicki. He’s been a Harley-Davidson exclusive rider until 2018, when he purchased an Indian Darkhorse Springfield.

Owning and riding motorcycles his entire adult life, he’s never been without a bike to ride. He has met and befriended riders from all over the U.S. and from six other countries. His passion has always been choppers and riding distances (he’s a member of the Iron Butt Association). Having visited with riders during two Cannonballs and the inaugural Chase, he’s thrilled to be able to have a chance to ride in The Chase 2021 as a competitor.