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#17 Matt Patchett

Herscher, IL

1947 Harley Davidson EL

Hi, my name is Matt Patchett from Herscher, Illinois. I’m 41 years old and a heavy equipment mechanic by day. I’ve been riding bikes since my first bike, a Trail70, in grade school. In high school, I spent most weekends on the motocross track, which is why I didn’t have time to date my now wife. Fast forward 20 years and my love of bikes helped initiate the first conversation between my former high school classmate and now-wife Lisa and I. At that time I only owned my 2010 Heritage Softail. During our engagement my dad located a 1947 Knucklehead, which he asked me to take a look at with him. A few hours later he and I were co-owners of my first antique motorcycle with the agreement that someday I would purchase the other half from him. A few months later on the day of our wedding, my wife presented me with a framed photo of the bike including a poem describing the likeness of the 70 year old Knucklehead to a 70 year old marriage. Attached to the back of the frame was a check written to my dad for the other half of the bike.  The poem has been known to make a few burly haired motorcycle enthusiasts weepy . In 2019, my dad had the honor of running The Chase with his 1947 Indian Chief. We met him on a stop in Milwaukee and a dream was born. My wife and I would someday find a sidecar and compete together in a cross country adventure. Last year on the way home from a family vacation, I located an unrestored 1947 sidecar. Several days and a few bids later I became the new owner. I will be riding my 1947 Knucklehead with my wife riding shotgun in our newly restored ‘47 sidecar….assuming I can find the rest of the parts I need.