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#19 Arrie Redelinghuys

Rochester, MI

1956 Triumph TR5

My name is Arrie Redelinghuys and I hail from Rochester, MI. I was born in
South Africa and was fortunate to come to the USA 16 years ago. Growing up
in SA, British bikes were very much the beat I grew up with. Although a motor-
head for anything on two wheels the sound, look and feel of the old British
bikes remain tops for me. Upon coming to the USA I met my buddy Paul
(fellow Cannonball and Chase rider #90). Being a Triumph guy it did not take
much encouragement from him to nudge me into the world of vintage
motorcycles. Today I have a few Triumphs and I also collect related
memorabilia. The oldest of my bikes is a 1919 Triumph Model H and the
“youngest” is a 1970 T100R Daytona. As you all know finding these old bikes
are getting more and more difficult but the thrill of the search is as good as
Going cross country with a motorcycle is something I have now done a few
times. The wife and i took a 7000 mile ride roughly from Washington DC to
San Francisco a few years back. It was on a modern motorcycle and we saw
much of the beauty of this country. I took part on the 2016 cannonball on a
1927 Model N and in 2021 I was a participant in the “mini” Chase.
Running a vintage motorcycle across the backroads of the US is a humbling
and fantastic experience. As a proud representative of the vintage British
motorcycle world I will again be using my 1956 Triumph TR5 (500cc) for 2022