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#2 Brian Pease

Milton, VT

1938 Nimbus C

I started riding in 1960 on a 2 HP Montgomery Ward Scooter while attending college in Vermont.  I could have a car or college but not both, so I chose wisely! I progressed up to an old  BSA Super Rocket before reverting back to 250cc bikes.  Armed with an EE degree, and a job in Connecticut, I dabbled in small sports cars for a few years before returning to motorcycles.  A Honda CX500 gave way to a GL1100 Gold Wing followed by a Valkyrie, which was nice but sooo heavy!  After retiring back to Vermont in 2006, I acquired my first antique bike, a beautifully restored 1928 101 Indian Scout that I still own.  The Valkyrie gave way to an original paint 1975 GL1000 Gold Wing, starting my passion for 4-cylinder antique machines.

In 2015, with help from Miles Mushlin, who does Nimbus repairs in Hartland, VT, and his friend Kim Scholer in Copenhagen, I located and imported a 4 cylinder shaft drive Nimbus model C from Denmark.  It is registered as a 1952, but it really is a bits-a-bike. I noticed that the engine number was 3778, which is from 1938.  Little did I know then that this old engine would allow me to enter the 2019 Cross Country Chase. Last year Miles went over the bike, including engine bearings and leaks and the rear drive.  I updated to always-on LED lights, added turn signals, a big top box, digital speedometer, windshield, and a steering damper because of the 50 pounds of stuff on the rear and my light weight. I set the mixture very rich to aid cooling in the hot southern states.

I ran the 2019 CCC course with no trouble other than some vapor lock issues and a flat rear tire one hot morning that cost me points and to miss 2 hosted stops. I had passers-by volunteer to help! The event was enjoyable from start to finish.

For 2021 I will run the same Nimbus with a few upgrades to the seat, carb cooling, front brake, and heat shield.  This time it will be willingly registered as a 1952 after some whining about the 1938 designation last time.