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#22 Don Gilmore

Pittsburgh, PA

1940 Indian Chief

I am Don Gilmore.   I intercepted the 2018 Motorcycle Cannonball in Jamestown, New York and immediately knew that I wanted to participate in an event of this scale and quality.  I will be riding a 1940 Indian Chief that has been prepared by my friend Dave Leukhardt.  This is my second vintage Indian, the first being a 1946 Chief.

My riding career began in 1969 on a Bridgestone 50.  There have been many bikes over the years and my current machines include a 2014 Polaris Indian Chief Vintage (No. 50 produced), a 2015 KTM 1290 Super Adventure and the 1940 Chief that will carry me from Sault St. Marie to Key West.  

I have driven in SCCA autocross events and participated in the East Coast Timing Association and the Loring Timing Association land speed events.  I am a Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Week racer.  My vehicle is a hand built lakester and I have achieved  a top speed of 235 mph.  I currently hold seven land speed records. 

I live with my wife Janet in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and have a daughter Megan.  They both support me and my interest in these adventures.