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#26 Doug Brashear

Falls Church, VA

1941 Zundapp KS600

Hello, I’m Doug Brashear, a native Pittsburgher (and CMU grad) who now calls northern Virginia home. A Product Design Manager at a software company by trade and father of 2 amazing daughters, the family member who most influenced my desire for motorcycles is my wife: while on a dating pause 25 years ago (pre-marriage), she said to me words she now regrets: “if you ride up on a motorcycle and carry me off into the sunset I’ll be yours forever”. I took her seriously, bought my first beater bike, learned to ride, and did just that. Now she wants nothing to do with the 7 mostly-vintage bikes I have now (’41 Zundapp KS600, ’54 BMS R67/2, ’55 Sears (Puch) SR250, ’60 Zundapp Super Sabre, ’65 BMW-powered Chang Jiang outfit, ’83 BMW R100RS, and 2021 Ural Gear-Up). With motorcycles and vintage VWs I’m my own mechanic and restorer, and drive/ride as much as possible. This will be my first Chase and I’ll be happy if my ’41 Zundapp just makes it over the finish line.