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#27 Michael Spagnola

Sierra Madre, CA

1930 BSA Sloper

My name is Mike Spagnola and I’m from Sierra Madre California. I started riding motorcycles at the age of 3 on a PW50 and haven’t stopped since. From that point on, my life has revolved around motorcycles and engine-powered toys. While other kids were on the football and baseball fields, my dad had us racing go-karts and building streetcars. Growing up in an automotive and race-centered family, the need for speed was the formula in our baby bottles. Fast forward 22 years and not much has changed. After graduating college in 2018 I started my own restoration/speed shop which specializes in vintage Japanese sports cars. In my free time, my brother, Dad and I still frequent the California tracks and canyons in go-karts, race cars, and streetcars. I will be riding a 1930 BSA sloper that was formerly ridden by Todd Cameron in the chase in 2019. Todd and I have spent years wrenching with each other on different builds and am looking forward to putting in some miles with him in this year’s chase.