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#28 Keith Martin

Dallas, TX

1938 Triumph Speed Twin

Dallas Texas born and raised Keith Martin is the owner of Big D Cycle.  A two-time participant in The Motorcycle Cannonball as crewmember in 2016 and as a rider in 2018. Taking the 1924 Norton to a perfect score in 2018. Keith has been working in the motorcycle industry for over 30 years. Roadracing and restoring historical racing motorcycles for customers such as the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham England, The Barber Museum and others as a highlight of the work that Big D Cycle is known for. These bikes include The Texas Ceegar, Sam Wheelers Norton Streamliner, The Gulf Norton Streamliner, Gary Nixon’s 1967 Daytona winning factory Triumph, Gene Romero’s 1969 Factory Triumph and hundreds of other British bikes. Big D Cycle prepares all of the Team Norton Cannonball bikes.

Choosing to ride The Chase on what many consider a benchmark motorcycle, a 1938 Triumph Speed Twin. It is the first year for the iconic Edward Turner designed Triumph twin.  Fast and lightweight the 1938 Speed Twin was the beginning of Triumph winning races on dirt, pavement and becoming the world’s fastest motorcycle for many years.

Keith cannot wait to get back on the road with other like mined crazy motorcycle people.  We always say “ Water seeks it’s own level” nothing makes this more true than the great group of people involved in the