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#29 Brian Doerfler

Hays, KS

1935 Harley-Davidson VL

My name is Brian Doerfler I’m from Hays, KS. I got started in the sport of motorcycling when my father Alex had my uncle Mark build me and my brothers our first mini bike during grade school and it has evolved ever since. In 1975, my Dad and uncle Don started a Harley-Davidson dealership. I worked at the dealership after school and during the summers eventually becoming a tech working mainly on Harley’s, I’ve developed a respect for all brands. Purchasing the dealership  with my wife in the early 90’s it changed my position and focus within the dealership. I’ve been fortunate to have lived my career with the passion I have for motorcycles. I’ve enjoyed following some of my friends on the Cannonball. When I learned  about the timeline for the Cross Country Chase and reading the rules I told myself I need to do this, I am looking forward to the adventure.