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#30 John Stoner

Colorado Springs, CO

1930 AJS R12

Started riding a friends yz80 in 5th grade. Always had to ride other peoples motos because my dad had an accident on a 47 Indian Chief an vowed to never own motorcycles. When I was 18 dad offered to pay half of the price for a vehicle. So I saved up $650 told dad I was ready to go buy my new ride. He just didn’t realize it was an 83 Suzuki GS750e, I had my eye on down at  Don’s Cycle in Colorado Springs, now Apex Motorsports. Dad wasn’t too happy but he was a man of his word and he put up the other $650 and bought me a helmet.  It has been on like donkey Kong ever since. I joined the British Motorcycle Association of Colorado and built my 1st vintage bobber back in 2010 and now have a sickness of collecting building and riding vintage motos. Don’t care what it is, if is has two wheels I love it. I have been invited as a builder to The Hand Built Show in Austin for the last 3 years. I have also built vintage land speed racers bikes and have set 7 records across as many classes. Now my eyes are set on the Chase, an adventure of a life time ready to be had on a 1930 AJS R12 248cc OHV…Little Bess the AJS. Let’s go!