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#41 Berry Wardlaw

Dothan, AL

1939 Indian Chief

Hailing from Dothan, Alabama, for no particular reason, is #41 (my favorite number) Berry Wardlaw, me. Man-o-man, how cool is this. I’m gonna be riding my new-to-me 1939 Indian Chief. It’s my first bloomin’ Indian in forty-eight years of ridin’, wrenchin’ and buyin’ motorbikes. I started working on motorcycles in 1976 while I was working as a painter of apartments and swimming pools. The painting made me enough money to survive as a motorcycle mechanic. I eventually went to MMI in 1982 and was the first enrollee into the Harley Davidson program under my dear friend, Dave Koshollek. I graduated at the top of my class and it’s been hell ever since! Well, not really. I went on to work with Buddy Stubbs, Farthest North Harley Davidson Outpost in Fairbanks, Alaska and owned several motorcycle businesses, Hard On Harleys, US 1 Cycles and Accurate Engineering. I’ll be ridin’ along side my girl Gypsy on #40 and my big Brother Pan #16. See y’all in Missouri!