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#43 David “Doc” Marvo

Shorewood, IL

1960 Harley-Davidson FLH

My name is Dave ‘Doc’ Marvo from Shorewood, IL. I will be riding a 1960 FLH in my first Chase. This bike belonged to my best friend of 27 years, Rich Luther, he passed away 2 years ago with Alzheimer’s. After his passing, I purchased it from his kids. My wife soon named her “The Mistress” since I spent more time with the bike than her, so she says. She’s priceless!

I’ve loved motorcycles as long as I can remember, my parents not so much. Growing up, I always enjoyed spending time with my Gramps who enjoyed tinkering and fixing things in his shop. My first motorcycle was an ‘83 Harley XLX, I bought in the service. I remember my mom, making me promise to wear a helmet.  I knew then I wanted to be a Harley tech, so I went to MMI after the service. Working 30+ years in Harley dealerships, I’m living the dream!

Over the years I have ridden street, dirt bikes, road and ice raced. My closest thing to a Cannonball was entering a few M2MTT’s, back in the day with Rich. I’m honored to do this ride in his memory and have always enjoyed the camaraderie and new friendships that come with racing.