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#43 Jeff Durrant

South Salt Lake City, UT

1942 Harley-Davidson WLC

A motorcycle artist based in Utah, Jeff splits his time between his home in the red rock country of Castle Valley (upstream from Moab) and the Iron Cylinder studio and gallery in South Salt Lake City.  Jeff has traveled or lived in over 120 countries with experiences including marrying his wife while living in Chad; delivering medical equipment in Rwanda at the conclusion of the genocide; and leading numerous research and hiking groups to Mount Kilimanjaro.  In addition to his life as an artist Jeff has been a whitewater river guide, SCUBA instructor, ski instructor, and a geography professor (he obtained a PhD in Geography from the University of Hawaii).

Jeff’s paints primarily with acrylic on board or canvas and employs a “loose” style resulting from a process of creating, destroying and restoring the painting until the desired result has been achieved.  His subjects are dominated by vintage motorcycles, riders, and petroliana.  His paintings have appeared at shows across the United States including recent events in Milwaukee, Portland, Austin, Cleveland, Ventura, and Los Angeles in addition to international shows in South Africa, Tanzania, India, and Mexico during the past year.