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#45 Rodney Sterling

New Braunfels, TX

1945 Harley-Davidson WL

My name is Rodney Sterling, as with most, the love for motorcycling started at the age of 5 when my Father and Uncle built a 3hp mini bike for me with a cutdown seat because I was to short to reach the ground.
Throughout the years of dirt and street bikes, I bought a 79 FL in the early 90’s, that’s when the love of vintage bikes started. Now, with a very understanding and outgoing wife (Rosie) of 15 years, we appreciate and thoroughly enjoy the wonderful people that these old machines bring together.
I can usually be found on my 48FL, but this year I will be competing on a 1945 WL that I built from a pile of parts. This is my first attempt to build and ride a WL, so it should be interesting!