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#5 James Maloney

Hopkinton, MA

1938 Indian Scout

Hello I am James Maloney, I am lucky number 5 in the Cross Country Chase.  I will be riding my 1938 Indian Scout on the Chase. I rode my 1928 Indian in the 2018 Cannonball and loved it. I completed the ride, but did not make all the miles, so my goal for the Chase is to complete all the miles. I have served as a Watertown Massachusetts Firefighter for the past 17 years and I am a 26 year/ 4 tour combat veteran, riding the Cannonball allowed me time to think and find some solace in my life. I hope the Chase has the same effect. I have been interested in bike and classic cars since I was 14 years old, I am an avid triumph and Indian collector, and I love doing these types of rides, because I love using the bikes like they were used when they were new. As well as classic motorcycles I love classic Chevy Convertibles. I have a 47 Chevy Convertible and am building a 57 Chevy Convertible.