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#50 Scott St. John

Lake Havasu, AZ

1951 Harley Davidson WL

Hi, my name is Scott St. John. I’m 66 years old and I’ve been riding for 50+ years. My riding time started on a mini bike in the dirt then a Honda 100 on dirt and street. I eventually worked up to a variety of Harley’s and then discovered my passion for vintage bikes.  I’ve ridden across the street to across the country and everything in between.  I was in the fire service in the Chicago suburbs for 30+ years. I worked my days off in a variety of jobs from construction to police officer.  At the police department in the small town we lived I worked as the school resource officer in the winter and as a motor officer in the summer.  I eventually retired from the fire department as a Lt/paramedic. At that point my wife Yvonne and I decided to beat the Chicago winters and moved to Lake Havasu City Arizona.
I will be riding my ‘51 WL in the Chase which I consider to be the ride of a lifetime.  My friend Dan and I tried to ride Rt 66 from the Chicago area to Lake Havasu years ago but the weather was so horrible (cold, rain, sleet and snow) we took the bigger roads instead.  Dan passed away a few years ago so I hope he will be watching from above!