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# 51 Pat Olson

New Braunfels, TX

1934 Harley Davidson VLD

I hangout in Texas most of the time when we are not traveling. We have spent the last couple of years exploring coast to coast and north to south. I enjoy travelling all over, so when I heard about the Cross Country Chase it really caught my attention. What a great way to experience what the United States has to offer. I try and ride as much as possible but that never seems to be enough. I love the fact that it forces me to stop everything and just go ride. I rode the 2021 Mini Chase and had a blast. The hypnotic state that occurs when you ride some distance is indescribable and life changing. I am looking forward to another journey with this group. I do spend a fair amount of time in my shop repairing and just maintaining motorcycles. You all know the drill. I have a healthy respect for being able to build and keep a machine running to get the job done. I worked in the Oil and Gas industry where this is a daily routine. I used to get paid to do repairs (work magic) in completely uncomfortable situations, so this madness is nothing uncommon. Now I just do it for fun right alongside of some of the most unique individuals I have ever met. Looking forward to the next ride.