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#6 Steve Klein

Salado, TX

1946 Harley-Davidson FL

Steve Klein has been hopelessly passionate about motorcycles since age 7 and 55 years later does not bother seeking a cure for this wonderful disease. Steve and Joan Klein have been married 41 years, have two married daughters and 4 grandchildren and reside in Victoria (South Texas) and Salado (Central TX Hill Country). As CEO of The Klein Companies, he has been a successful workaholic Residential Developer, Designer and Custom Home Builder for over 30+ years, but it was Joan, who loved antiques, who kept pushing Steve to keep involvement with old motorcycles as an escape from business. She constantly encouraged buying as many early American bikes as he could find. “You will never ever find another original paint 19XX like this.” she would always say. The Klein Collection has primarily focused on the earliest American singles from 1900 through 1915, although later year model exceptions such as Brough Superior, Crocker, Excelsior Henderson, and other marques have occasionally been included.

Steve is Past President of the Cherokee Chapter of the AMCA, still serves on the board, holds an active management role in, and owns Sierra Madre Motorcycle Company offering valuations, asset disposition, and acquisitions of rare motorcycles to individuals, private collections and museums worldwide. 2021 marks the first time Klein has personally entered a competitive vintage event as a rider. “I am really excited to be in The Chase. Some of the greatest people I have ever met in my life were on motorcycles, on the road. I sincerely look forward to meeting everyone. Let’s Ride!”