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#61 Bob Zeolla

Taunton, MA

1934 Indian 434

I started riding as a kid on the dirt with my friends on a mini bike, like most people I would assume. That progressed to road riding a few years before I was legal to do so, luckily never had much trouble with the law on that one.  Eventually I moved up from smaller cc bikes to bigger, faster, more comfortable bikes and longer rides.

In 2000 I met my future wife in Daytona during bike week, and she already rode, wow! We started riding together and a love affair with her and more bikes ensued. We both have the curse.
The two of us migrated to the older biking scene a little later in life than a lot of people we meet on the cannonball and swap meets, but better late than never. After years of riding all over the country we stumbled upon the Cannonball in 2015 and really became interested, and tried to get involved for the 2016 ride.  Well we found out quickly we did not know enough to jump in that pool without preparation. After a few years of learning and talking to many people like Dave McGraw, Brian Keating, Mark Hill, Jason Sims, and some others, helped teach us and direct us towards our involvement in the event in 2018.
Andrea rode in the 2018 on a 1913 Henderson with the wolf pack and placed 3rd overall and we both rode in the 2019 Chase. She was on a stunning 1934 Indian 424 restored by 4th Coast Fours, and I rode a fabulous 38EL that Bob Gamache rebuilt to running condition for us.
This year in the Chase I will be riding the 34 Indian and Andrea, due to work schedule will not be able to make the ride, so we are bringing along our good friend Randy (the hammer) Grasso to ride the 38 Knucklehead.
See you all there or along the route. Thanks to Jason and Lee Ann for setting it all up.