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#62 Scott Funk

Millersville, PA

1947 Indian Chief

Hey fellow Chasers.

My name is  Scott Funk and I’m 64 years young

I started my nterested in motorcycles at the age of 11 when I bought my first step through,  Honda 50. I even used  my hard earned tomato picking money to buy it too!

I grew with dirt bikes, but my interests quickly changed to street bikes when the Kawasaki KZ900’s came out in the early 70’s.
I thank the Lord, and my loving wife, that I made it thru those years to enjoy motorcycling  today.

I have fixed up and repaired lots of motorcycles through the years. I eventually switched to American made bikes.

It wasn’t until after I sold my auto repair shop of forty years, that I got bit by that antique motorcycle bug !!

I rode the 2019 Chase on my 46 BSA
C11.  I did not finish the event because my motor blew up.

Having to ride in the Chase break down van and trailer, is almost worse than sitting in the principals office for detention!!

So I thought, I need to get something better for the next Chase.

Its only fitting for someone having a home address of INDIAN  RUN Rd,  to own some Indians to hold the fort down, right?

One of those Indians is a1947 Indian Chief that  I came across, and planned to use  on the next Chase.

In the mean time I bought  a 1948 Whizzer at a swap meet during Daytona Bike week,  just because I thought it was cool !

Now I admit that I may have a little bit of a competitive nature!!

It wasn’t until Jason mentioned in the Cannonball  Chronicles, that he wouldnt be a bit surprised if someone would show up on a Whizzer.

So I thought how else am I going to beat Todd Cameron unless I take advantage of the  small engine displacement , 2 horse power,  plus a set of pedals and  getting the handicap points. Besides, if the engine blows, I can always pedal across the finish line, no Chase trailer needed, lol.

So I guess it’s going to be a” Secret of the Ozarks” as to which one I ride on the Chase.
See you guys at the Cape