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#62 Scott Funk

Millersville, PA

1946 BSA C-11

My name is Scott Funk.   I am 62 years young and live in Millersville ” Lancaster County ” PA.
I have been riding since I was 10 years old.  I started off with a 1960’s  Honda step thru 50.,,
When I was about 13 I bought a 1968 Honda CL 175 Scrambler from my dad.
Sometime later the engine started to smoke.  I ended up spending my hard earned money at the local Honda shop.  At that point I decided it was time to learn how to fix my own bikes.  I then started working on my friends dirt bikes in my dad shed out back.  Over the years I bought and sold many accident damaged bikes,
In the late 70’s I made more memories on my KZ 900 then I can remember and always made fun of the Harley’s.
 My buddies and I took many trips up and down the east coast.  We have traveled from Nova Scotia to Miami Florida.  I have never traveled further west then Ohio.
Since marrying my wife in 1981 we have done many rides near and far, covering some of the same areas I rode with my buddies. She is not as much of a long distance rider now do to other interest, however she continues to support my bike enthusiasm.
 In 2003 they say I must have bumped my head when I purchased a 1999 Softtail. Two years later I traded it for a 2005 Roadking
In 2017 my buddies talked me into doing an Iron Butt Ride.  The route was from Lancaster PA, Knoxville TN, ending in Moonshine Ill. This was a 1,000 mile trip in 24 hours just to get a Hamburger at a rural country store.
In 2018 three other riders and I did a Wild Hogs Ride circling the US.  Coast to Coast!  We saw 45 different points of interest accumulating 10,000 miles in 29 days.
While on this trip we toured the Indian Motorcycle factory, in Spirit Lake, Iowa.  I was so impressed with the Brand that when I returned home I purchased a 2017 Indian Road Master, and retired the Road King for local riding only.
In the fall of 2018 I came across a 1946 BSA .  This bike was originally purchased by a Serviceman while he was in the Air Force in Britain.  After his time of service he brought the bike back to the states with him.  His widow was selling it and I decided to purchase it from her.
I moved it into my shop where it is sitting with my small collection of bikes that I own.
I was online and saw an interview that Jay Leno did with a gentleman who had done a Cannon Ball Run.  It sparked my interest.  I did some research and decided what a great event, I would like to be part of this.  So now I  need to get the BSA ready and hit the road.