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#66 Jurgen Ullrich

Arnstein, Germany

1949 Harley Davidson FL

Hi everyone, I am Juergen of Arnstein-Gaenheim in Germany. Born in 1965 with German blood and an American soul.

My first ride on a motorcycle was at age 2 on the gas tank riding with my mom. Without a helmet! Real freedom!

I build and rode my first Mopeds at age 13 and my first motorcycle, a 1953 NSU Max at age 17. My first Harley-Davidson came sooner as I thought: 1983 I rode my real dream. And it never stopped! But this was just the beginning.

Last I rode the Motorcycle Cannonball 2021 on my 1911 Harley-Davidson 7B. A plan that started already 2014 when I visited the motorcycle Cannonball first time and Lonnie Isam visited me 2015 in my home in Germany. But this was just one epic ride I did in my life and I will do some more in the future.

Also I rode the 2016 Motorcycle Cannonball on my 1915 Harley-Davidson and had a great time with my new Cannonball family.

I rode a lot more than just the Motorcycle Cannonball. I rode a  lot in Europe, in New Zealand and offroad through Africa with a friend some years ago.

Riding in the US – sure  – I visited all 50 states already, rode thousands of miles and did a cost to coast together with my father Herbert already in 2008, starting from Santa Barbara, riding to LA, Minneapolis and down to Fort Lauterdale, FL – 5000 mls  in 11 days – but, on “modern motorcycles:” a 1965 Panhead Chopper and a 1981 Sturgis

Motorcycles are a big part of my life – besides my work running my engineering company consulting, planning and building large bakeries. I started with more modern motorcyles in 1982 as I bought my first bike a NSU Max from 1953 – then it got more modern and then I turned back time until I ended up with my 1911 Harley-Davidson  and a collection of motorcycles that I call museum and get visitors all the time to not just see the bikes, but more important to hear the stories I have to tell!