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#69 Bill Bonow

Plainfield, IL

1934 Harley-Davidson VL

Wow, The Chase, I am so excited to be given the opportunity to ride in such an amazing event with all these fantastic people. I am an SCCA road racer for 40 years who recently switched addictions from cars to bikes. I have always loved bikes, the older the better. I was blessed with a ride last summer in the Musket Ball using the ’34 VL and was instantly hooked. I am a lifelong Chicagoan with my two girls, Kaela and Hannah.

This ’34 Harley-Davidson VL is a wonderful parts bike assembled by Don Dzurick as a rider, not as a show piece. These old bikes need to be out on the roads, “Ride it, don’t hide it”.
I am very much looking forward to making new friends, new memories and a new fun while on old bikes.

Thank you, Jason and LeeAnn for The Chase, and wishing all those involved a fantastic event.