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#70 Gerhard Joubert

Pretoria, South Africa

1957 AJS

#70 Gerhard Joubert

Pretoria South Africa

1957 AJS model 18 – 500cc single

Seventeen days prior to the starting pistol I literally got the opportunity of a life time. What a scramble to get flights, a visa and details of a trip that we all dream of.  I was part of the crew for Team Triumph during the 2018 Cannonball run, where I met Jim … who is making this trip possible for me by lending me his 1957 AJS for this amazing adventurous event.

Jim completed with this AJS  the chase last year but unfortunately can’t participate this year.  My hobbies includes from vintage French 2CV’s to Vespa scooters, in riding as well as restoring them. I am extremely excited and hopefully will be able to fly the South African flag high and complete this extreme adventure. A big thank you to Paul, Jim and Arrie for your support and preparations and to Jim, Riaan and Arrie for your sponsorships. I know this will be a life altering experience