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#74 Abby Spaedt

Garden City, CO

1955 Harley-Davidson FL

Abby was not born into a motorcycling family but decided at a very young age that she wanted to be a biker. Bad decisions in her late teens led to a rocky start in the world of motorcycling. She learned to ride on a chopped rigid frame Sportster at the age of 17, but her riding career fell flat soon after. Even though she married into motorcycling and helped run a custom bike shop, her desire to ride wasn’t realized. Approaching her thirties, Abby started from scratch and spent the next ten years working hard to build a new life with her son, always planning on riding again someday.

That someday turned into a reality when Abby purchased a new 2001 Softail in New Hampshire. She immediately made up for lost time and rode far more miles than anyone she knew. The summer after earning her MSF RiderCoach certification in 2006, she took a solo trip around the country and decided that the open roads of the American West were a better place for her.

Finding her spot in Colorado, she met Willie working at a motorcycle shop in Greeley. They rode to Sturgis together and have been together ever since. Abby knew it was true love when a short time after Willie told her he’d pull his other Panhead out of the shed and get it running so she could ride it, he did exactly that. They rode Panheads to the Dodge City 300 in 2014 where Abby won a bunch of plaques for cleaning up in the bike rodeo as well as some other awards.

Since then, Abby has finished two Hoka Hey challenges, received numerous Iron Butt Association certifications, earned trophies and is now a state sponsor for the Tour of Honor, and joined the Motor Maids. She still teaches new riders as a Riding Academy Coach at Greeley Harley-Davidson.