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Willow Grove, PA


I’ve been riding motorcycles most of my adult life. My first vehicle purchase was my first motorcycle. A Honda 750 Super Sport. I had no idea how to use the clutch and had very little experience with a manual transmission car much less a motorcycle. I dropped that bike many times and did many very stupid things that often led to riding across, through and over things that weren’t meant to interact with motor vehicles.

My love for motorized two-wheeled transport is a mystery. I didn’t grow up knowing anyone who had a motorcycle. My mother hated them and sternly denied my early teenage request for a dirt bike.
My love for motorcycles has grown into a minor obsession, and a small collection of bikes that dates from 1942 to present. From me riding is the experience. The destination is just a reason to get on the bike and ride. And the people I ride with and the people I meet along the way are icing on a cake that is already one of the sweetest things in life.
Do it to it when you get to it because if you don’t you won’t do it to it when you get to it again.