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#75 Gary Shorman

Hays, KS

1940 Harley-Davidson WL

The Chase is on!! After competing in the 2019 inaugural Chase, it is exciting to come out of COVID and get back to chasing across the country…this time in the beautiful Ozarks. I grew up riding motorcycles around our family farm in central Kansas. I still have my 65 Yamaha and 72 Kawasaki, but have now added a stable of Harleys, including a 26JD, 28 Single, 40WL, and 2011 Street Glide. A couple of other bikes like a Honda 350 and GS 1200 give me plenty of opportunity to find fun things to ride!

While I can contribute my enthusiasm for old motorcycles to growing up riding, fixing, riding, fixing, and riding motorcycles, I will also add that I may have done a poor job of choosing friends. The Patterson brothers, Marty and Pat, to be specific, then add TR and Chris, Brian…even Modlin and Wothke among others, have contributed to my adventure.

Next up is the Chase in July and the Cannonball in September. I am excited to be participating and happy to be alive…to ride. During the 2019 Chase, I learned that I needed a Prostate Biopsy due to an elevated PSA test. Following the Chase, on November 5th, 2019, the doctor called telling me I had an aggressive form of prostate cancer. On January 3, 2020, I had robotic surgery to remove my prostate, with radiation to follow in August thru October. The good news is that I caught the prostate cancer early enough to make a difference in the outcome and plan to be around for a long time. The REALLY GOOD news is that I get to ride in the Chase this summer and then the Cannonball this fall.

“Alive2Ride” is a new mission for me. You can’t ride if you are not alive. Catching any cancer early is important. Catching prostate cancer early is easy, just get a PSA test…just do it.

I met some wonderful people in the 2019 Chase and look forward to getting together again in July and continuing the adventure of life on 2 wheels!