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#76 Jeff Milburn

Dallas, TX

1937 Harley-Davidson WL

Hey I’m Jeff Milburn. I was born in 1965 and grew up in Odessa, TX. At age 13, I got my first
motorcycle, a 1977 Yamaha DT100. From this point on, I knew I was responsible for this motorcycle,
so I started acquiring the tools to maintain it. My first job was at age 16 as a helper at Dugan’s Body
Shop. I built an off road VW buggy and raced two races before I ran out of money.
In 1985, I moved to Washington DC, where starting at age 19, I worked as a line mechanic at
Wheaton Dodge. I learned from people I worked around. On the job training, self teaching and
experimenting was a huge part as well.
I passed my ASE cert. test when I was 21. In 1986, I could finally afford my first Harley Davidson, a
1974 Sportster. I still own this motorcycle. I worked nights and weekends at Satans Cycle Salvage
where I met the owners, Maureen Butler, Ed Miller and Darow “Wilbur” Dudley. Maureen and Wilbur
found the bike I am building to run the chase, a 1937 Harley Davidson WL.
In 1988, I moved back to TX to work at Huffine’s Chrysler Plymouth. In a slight change of events, I
joined the Marine Corps in 1991 with a mechanic’s MOS. I was injured and within 6 months I was
back in Texas.
As soon as I arrived back in Texas, I scrounged up every penny I had and worked around the clock
to buy a building to start my business, Automotive Fabrication. Nothing mattered to me if I couldn’t
maintain this business, so I continued to work around the clock, eating PB&J’s on a good day.
Shortly after this, I was introduced to people in the professional racing crowd, and in 1991, I landed
a job on a Top Fuel race team.
Automotive Fabrication quickly caught the eye of the people in the motion picture industry. I began
custom building high performance camera cycles. I was a precision / stunt driver on camera and
drove camera cycles in chase scenes. I also began racing motor cross on the weekends.
By 1998, I was being traveled to stunt drive on TV and race motocross all around the country.
In the year 2000 I had a spinal cord injury during a motor cross race. I was paralyzed and confined
to a wheel chair. Two years of therapy and incredible amounts of determination later, I was able to
get back to work stunt driving and I could kick start a motorcycle again.
By the end of 2001, I owned an SCCA professional race team and was back to stunt driving.
In 2005, I moved on from SCCA pro racing and started a NASCAR Craftsman Truck team that ran
for 3 years.
Since then, I’ve kept myself busy fabricating high performance camera cars and camera cycles,
stunt driving in movies, TV and commercials, keeping my collection of vintage motorcycles and cars
in pristine shape, and driving through the night with friends to make it to the next swap meet. If I’m
not at a swap meet, stunt driving somewhere, or at the track in my custom built drift car, you can
find me working in my shop in Dallas, TX.
I haven’t been involved with anything but cars, trucks and motorcycles my entire life and I don’t
waste time on anything thats not made in USA.