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#85 Connor Levenson

San Diego, CA

1945 Indian Chief

My name is Connor Levenson, I am 28 years old, and I am a vintage motorcycle enthusiast. I have always looked up to the old timers with a collection of motorcycles and endless stories. Everyday I strive to be just like them one day and to have my own stories of riding with fellow enthusiasts.

I have been riding since I was 19 and dove headfirst into antique motorcycles in 2017. Since then I have spent every penny that I could on pieces to complete my antique motorcycle projects even when people thought I was crazy!

My focus has been on both Indians and Harleys. My true passion lies with Indian Motorcycles because I am from Massachusetts and my first antique motorcycle was an Indian Scout 741. I will be riding on a 1945 Indian Chief being loaned to me by Alex Trepanier; a Motorcycle Cannonball participant in 2016 and upcoming in 2021.

I will be riding in The Chase in honor of one of my mentors Terry Pugsley, of 45s Unlimited, who sadly passed away in late 2020. I hope to inspire new people, spread the antique motorcycle hobby and keep the passion alive just as Terry did for me.

If you ask any of my family or friends I eat, sleep and breathe antique motorcycles. Getting the opportunity to participate in the Cross Country Chase is letting me cross this experience off my bucket list. Follow me on Instagram @wigwam_motors while I share my experiences and passion with the world!